Chinese Major Bludd

Chinese Major Bludd GI Joe ARAH vintage international Snow Serpent Cobra Action FigureNow this one’s a fun figure. Another quirky international variant, but this one’s great in all the right ways! This Major Bludd was a completely new figure made for sale in China. He’s an amalgam of parts from V2 Major Bludd, the Lampreys, and General Flagg. It all comes together pretty well as an entirely new outfit for Bludd.

With the big, bulky coat, this figure comes across to me as more of a cold weather version of Bludd. He’s not really wearing winter colors, but I think Bludd’s the type to not always wear perfect camouflage, so it works. Of course, you could use him in plenty of other settings as well, which is all part of the fun with figures like this. You can use him as practically anything you want.

If this figure had a downside, I guess I should mention his only part is a little lame. It’s that strange laser riffle Dodger came with, an awkward and clunky weapon. I suppose it does look a bit like some kind of RPG, so perhaps that’s why they included it. For me though, this guy’s always going to be equipped with some other gun.

All in all, this is hands down one of my favorite Major Bludd toys, and perhaps the best Major Bludd as well.

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