1993 Beach-Head

1993 Beach-Head

I’ve always seen a lot of folks react pretty harshly to Beah-Head V2, and to be honest, I really don’t know why. 90‘s Joe had a lot of drastic redesigns, many of which I’m yet to have fully come around on. So having some disdain for the more outlandish V2 Firefly or Mega Marines Clutch makes some sense, but Beach-Head just seems like the kind of figure that still doesn’t get a fair shake.

The biggest thing the figure has going against it, is that he somehow looks a lot like Beachhead while at the same time, looking nothing that much like Beachhead. I have to use the dreaded i-word, but indeed, 1986 Beach Head is very iconic. There’s something about the masked Joes that seems a bit easier to get behind, perhaps their anonymity makes them a bit easier to identify with. Battle Corps Beach-Head doesn’t really change his look that significantly, but the popularity of his original design leaves people sensitive to change I think.

The figure looks really cool, he has what would’ve been a fairly modern helmet design, which combined with the bulkiness of his chest still resembles a fairly modern military operator. Of course, the lower half of the figure is just pulled from V1 Shockwave, but his legs were already great looking, so that does nothing to hold back this figure. The only thing I don’t like too much is the part of his chest under his vest: it’s really smooth and vague looking, and I was never really sure what the sculptors were going for with it. It’s a shame this sculpt never got any repaints, as I think this figure would look really, really good in some modern camo patterns.

In Brazil, they made the colors more saturated and released him with V2 Alley Viper weapons as Armadilha. This character was a Cobra, so with a little imagination you could feasibly pretend the American one’s a Cobra too. I see him as Beachhead, but if The Black Major made some rainbow colored repaints with Cobra markings all over them, I certainly wouldn’t mind that.

For some odd trivia, his legs are all miss-assembled; the left and right feet are swapped. For a long time, I thought this might’ve been an intentional creative choice to make the figure look a little different, but the card art shows his knife is supposed to be on his inner left leg, not his outer right leg. It’s weird, because the yellow-vest version and Armadilha both keep the assembly error. Then again, there’s a knife in the same spot on ‘86 Beach Head too, so maybe it was intentional and the card-art is wrong? No one probably knows anymore.

His accessories are fairly bland. You get a modified version of the Spearhead & Max rifle, a V1 Shockwave pistol, Recoil’s pistol contraption, a knife, a missile launcher and some missiles, plus a stand. Incredibly, the knife appears to be brand new for the 1993 part trees, though it wasn’t unique to this figure. It’s alright for what it is, though rest of the parts aren’t anything to write home about, especially not in bright yellow. The Spearhead rifle wasn’t reused to my memory outside of this, and completely removes the sling.

You can get a complete V2 Beach-Head for around $11, so by modern standards he’s pretty dang cheap. I usually see pricing as a partial reflection of a figure’s popularity, so I think it’s safe to say this Beach-Head isn’t too popular, though most of the non-repaint 1993 figures are kind of cheap like that. I think he’s an overlooked gem, but perhaps you guys can enlighten me on his flaws.

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3 Responses to 1993 Beach-Head

  1. A-Man says:

    Maybe he and Iceberg from the same wave should’ve swapped heads.

    I’m not that crazy about more Joes being masked. It says so little about characters, especially new character. Like that latest Wolf Spider whatever his name his. Oh, he’s East Indian…but buried in a balaclava. Or Night Fox. Hasbro even lampshaded themselves when they did with Spy Troops Rampage, a guy obsessed with Beach-Head.

    The colors are interesting. They could be Cobra colors, the dark blue, but I can’t convince myself it’s Cobra. That teal Hasbro started to fancy, as we see on Bazooka.
    But the problem here is the limited 3 color palette. It makes the figure seem cheap and unremarkable.

  2. HitandRun says:

    This Beach Head was my favorite figure as a kid. I recall getting him from K-Mart while visiting my grandparents in summer 1993. From there on out he was always one of the main characters in my joe verse. I loved the original BeachHead figure but of course those weren’t easy to come by when I was in my prime Joe years from 1990-1994 and I loved getting my own version of the character. That really goes for all of the classic 80s figures that saw re-releases in the 90s for me.

    As for the figure design I love everything about the figure. The colors aren’t perfect but for the 90s much more subdued than other figures from the team. I do remember having that same observation about his legs as well as a kid. I will say I hated the bright yellow used for his weapons but thought the weapons were pretty cool otherwise. He’s probably my favorite figure from the 90s.

  3. R.T.G. says:

    This is a figure where it all depends on initial exposure, I believe. If someone had it when they were a kid and liked it, I see that carrying on.

    I didn’t have any exposure to this version until the internet, at a time when images were small, so the face always seemed super odd (and the green reminded me of aliens in the second Where’s Waldo book). When I finally I saw it in person, and the insanely smooth torso kind of threw me for more of a loop, so I didn’t buy it. It seems like a cool figure though.

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