Funskool Tripwire

Funskool Tripwire

Funskool GI Joes seem to be an nearly unending source of interest in the realm of collecting. You have figures that provide high quality repaints such as the Toxo Viper, or interesting alternatives to classics like V1 Flint. Then you have the downright bizarre figures, one such example being this Funskool Tripwire.

In recent years Funskool Tripwire has become a rather sought after figure, almost to the degree of Listen N Fun Tripwire. But in the late 2000‘s heading into the early 2010‘s, he was held in disregard and was a common figure. I still remember my first encounter with him being baffled at the design choices they made, and generally being disinterested in the figure in favor of the more well colored Funskool figures. Back then, I scoffed at the figure for a measly $3, but just a few years later I ended up feeling like I got a deal when I acquired one for $15. It’s a really stunning example of how these figures seem like they’ve just evaporated from the market.

Tripwire is in my opinion, one of the most interesting and odd Funskool figures. He’s decked out in purple, with red, gold, and bright orange details as well as a little flesh color for his face. The paint is rather detailed on this figure, and I have to say he’s more visually interesting than any of the Hasbro Tripwires. His chest also features some large text that says “BOMB SQUAD”, which is probably one of the most memorable details present here.

His accessories are also rather interesting. Although he comes with a backpack and mine detector just like Hasbro’s Tripwire, the parts are not the same. First, his backpack has been modified to feature a peg, so now it connects to his mine detector with a rubber hose. Likewise, the mine detector is totally new. It’s smaller, and it isn’t held the same way as the Hasbro mine detector, as it lacks the perpendicular grip. Interestingly, they painted a few details on it as well. It’s easy to say that this detector is inferior to Hasbro’s, but the fact that it’s a new sculpt makes the figure a whole lot more interesting.

Gi joe Hasbro action figure ARAH vintage india trip wire 1983 2003

Funskool Tripwire is stupidly expensive. Like I mentioned earlier, at one time you could acquire these with ease for $3. Now, one shows up on eBay maybe once a month or so, and is running $100 routinely. Given that Funskool was known for making extremely large production runs, I don’t think that price will remain forever. Though similarly, I also doubt it’ll ever come down that much. Either way, it’s testament to how interesting he is as a figure.

Gi joe Hasbro action figure ARAH vintage india trip wire 1983 2003                       Gi joe Hasbro action figure ARAH vintage india trip wire 1983 2003Gi joe Hasbro action figure ARAH vintage india trip wire 1983 2003

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5 Responses to Funskool Tripwire

  1. A-Man says:

    I already regretted not getting one back when they were cheap. But $100? This HAS to the result of newbie collectors.

    I forget that he uses Major Bludd’s legs. So making a purple pants V1 Bludd is an option.

    That’s a great commercial.

  2. Mike T. says:

    I love the commercial. It has some stock footage I’ve seen in an older Funskool commercial. But, then has new parts featuring newer figures. Great stuff.

    I like this figure because he’s weird. But, that’s about the extent of it. Pretty much all the other Tripwire figures are better than this one.

    But, I think that collectors have a short memory and the fact that American dealers sat on hundreds, if not thousands, of these figures in the early 2000’s is completely forgotten. You may not see a bunch on Ebay, but they are out there. SmallJoes and the others didn’t return the unsold batches to Funskool. So, someone owns them.

  3. djv says:

    This is a cool and weird looking figure. I also like that mine detector, as it makes the figure even more bizarre. I’ve always loved bold colors, but I never gave this guy the time of day back when Funskool figures were easy to get. Now that I appreciate the Tripwire mold more, I’d love to get him… but that isn’t likely to happen.

    Great review and amazing photos, as always!

  4. R.T.G. says:

    $100?!? That’s especially ridiculous considering there’s two separate production runs of this figure. Yours is the 2nd one, with the explosion art, and slightly different torso lettering!

    I love this figure, it’s so goofy and out-there, but you can still argue “he’s not as bad as Listen N Fun”. I’m pretty sure this colorscheme actually showed up in one of those 25th comic pack comics, too.

  5. Josh Z says:

    I love that both the front and back of his card state that his speciality is “Mini Detector.”

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