2000 Whiteout

Whiteout GI Joe ARAH ARAHC Snowjob vintage action figure repaint 2000 hasbro

Hasbro made some strange choices during the early 2000‘s with the Joe line. Snow Job’s mold was one in particular we saw quite often despite that I don’t think there was ever any real demand for it. Snow Job’s a niche character. He has a place in everyone’s collection, but he’s not something you want more than once or maybe twice.

Whiteout is essentially Snow Job with an altered pallet. In particular, he reuses the entire mold from 1997 Snow Job, who borrowed shoulders from 1983 Breaker. Every other aspect of the toy is exactly the same as Snow Job, including his accessories. It’s really a shame, because with a few alterations or part swaps this could have been a far more interesting figure. Even if it came at the cost of this figure instead being Arctic Duke or Arctic Snake Eyes, it could’ve provided something newer and more interesting to consumers than a straight repaint of Snow Job.

Like the Big Ben included in the set, Whiteout’s deco features beige, and cream colors. It’s not all bad, but strikes me as being slightly more on the random side, the weathering specifically. The creaminess of the colors just don’t seem well suited to a cold-climate oriented figure. There is a nice contrast on the trim of his costume, with some of the darker colors they opted for. Still, the figure does little to differ from Snow Job, and with so many stronger uses of this mold, I can’t recommend this one.

In my collection, this figure provides me a few novelties. I do think he’s an alright Clutch or Breaker when swapped with either of their vintage heads. I also do enjoy collecting Snow Job repaints for whatever reason, so he has some appeal to me there. His lack of uniformity with most other cold-weather figures does severely impact his usefulness to me, ultimately.

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