1989 Gnawgahyde

1989 Gnawgahyde

In the late era of ARAH, Gnawgahyde came as both a character of minor prevalence and as one of the last Dreadnoks (the last new one, IIRC). Of course, all of that screen time is limited to the DIC cartoon unfortunately, but that doesn’t stop Gnawgahyde from being a pretty great figure, like many others from his year.

As one of the figures I’ve had since I can remember by way of my brother, Gnawgahyde left me feeling somewhat ambivalent as a kid. Even back then, I didn’t like the DIC episodes, so cartoon reruns didn’t sell me on him as a character. Moreover, because it was a figure that was technically my brother’s, I didn’t know what parts were his, and this is one of those figures that’s really made by his parts.

Of course, that’s not to say the core figure’s design is bad. There’s a ton of detail all over the sculpt, and his face has a pretty cool expression too. I think the profile of his head’s a little long, but it’s still a good sculpt. The necklace and fur-vest on the torso are also great details, and the look of the fur does nicely to separate him from the rest of the Dreadnoks made to that point.

In regards to the sculpt however, one thing I never have liked about him is the functioning knife holster on his leg. It was an ambitious attempt for the time, and a cool little feature, but it seems to want to always bend the handle of his knife outwards. Why would I want to put a knife in there just to get it bent? Besides that, it looks kind of bad.

His accessories are many, and quality wise are all over the place. The hat and sniper riffle are quite nice, while his machete is simply fantastic. I had so much fun with that part alone when I was a kid, giving it to ninjas and such with the wrist clip it featured. With that said, it’s pretty sad they never reused it during Ninja Force. I like his bow alright too, but with the presence of the machete the knife feels like overkill, meanwhile the quiver just looks terrible to me. The sculpt is giant, and there’s no sculpted detail on the front of it!

Then there’s his boar. This was also the point of the line where any figure that could conceivably include an animal, had to include an animal. Is it his pet? His next victim? It’s pretty distinct looking, with the piercing in it’s ear. Though at the same time, I have a hard time imagining this is a guy who cares very much about animals.

Complete Gnawgahydes routinely go for about $20, though more often than not you’ll find them missing at least one part, which cuts the price in half. Typically, it seems the most commonly missing parts are the knife followed by the bipod. For a character as memorable as this guy (for a post 1987 character), with as many parts as he has, I’m a little surprised he’s not going for more.

Gnawgahyde gi joe cobra dic 1989 90's arah cartoon dreadnok hasbro
Gnawgahyde gi joe cobra dic 1989 90's arah cartoon dreadnok hasbro

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2 Responses to 1989 Gnawgahyde

  1. R.T.G. says:

    That second picture is perfect!

    I like Gnawgahyde, as he’s a neat figure, and probably could’ve stood on his on as a COBRA agent, rather than a Dreadnok, especially as compared to the 1987 class of shirtless miscreants, he at least seems dangerous. Have you tried a different knife in the holster?

    • A-Man says:

      In Europe, the Action Force cardback and filecard make no mention of the Dreadnoks. Cobra recruited him at an all night cafe. I guess donut and grape soda shops aren’t a thing in Europe? So, like all the Iron Grenadiers, Gnawgahyde was just a COBRA.

      Him being the only Dreadnok besides Zarana (with whom he rarely interacts with) in Dragonfire and Dics first season benefited the character (as much as any Dic appearances could). I guess he was an evil Crocodile Dundee.

      I still hate the club for implying some Zangief cosplayer killed him.

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