2005 Storm Shadow (Comic Pack)

2005 Storm Shadow (Comic Pack)

In modern times, I have mixed feelings about the 2000‘s comic pack figures. Most of them were not very good, and they had all the negative hallmarks you’d expect from a post-’94 figure. Yet, compared to now, most of these sets seem like dreams. 3 figures with accessories and a comic for something like $10? In a world where AWE Strikers run $25 at retail, I really miss the ability to get that kind of value in a GI Joe item.

Storm Shadow here is an especially nice offering from the line, as it’s the closest thing Hasbro’s ever given us to a V1 Storm Shadow reissue. I think people have a tendency to overstate the degradation of vintage plastic, but discoloring happens on a much more regular basis, to the point that I think for some figures it’s inevitable. I don’t mind it so much anymore, but it’s nice having a stark white Storm Shadow, who’s also a little more safe to play with.

For the most part, the entire vintage mold is intact, save for the biceps, which were switched for ‘91 Dusty’s. The size of those muscles doesn’t really blend well with the early-80‘s sculpting, but overall I’d say it looks good, and I like the more comic-accurate appearance. It’s not better than ‘84 Storm Shadow’s look, but it’s an okay alternative, and introduces some nice variety if you already have a few version of the mold.

Paint applications are very similar to the ‘84 figure here, but done in style of all of the 2000‘s Joes with a smaller, more intricate Cobra symbol, and peachy-skin. The skin tone really drives me nuts here, particularly because this would be such a good alternative to the ‘84 figure were it not for this. It’s also kind of weird for a Japanese guy to be such a peachy-reddish tone, as I don’t know of any Asians that would tan this color.

His parts are okay. The excellent kit from the original Storm Shadow, which was kept with the ‘97 release, is unfortunately gone here and replaced by a new-sculpt sword and scabbard. It works as something different, but I think these parts pale in comparison to the original selection. The softly sculpted details on the scabbard/backpack look especially out of place, which was a common problem when Hasbro paired new accessories with old sculpts.

Overall, he’s not the best comic-pack era figure, but he’s certainly decent and is made better for being a solid alternative to ‘84 Storm Shadow. 16 (almost 17) years since his release, the figures are holding up pretty well (unlike contemporaries such as Scrap-Iron), which is nice, seeing as how I can play with this figure without the fear of damaging an overpriced original. Nowadays, I see sporadic auctions for this figure that go for well more than $20, but there’s no consistent pattern to the pricing, and examples sold carded or in lots are often going for less than ones sold by themselves. I chalk that up to nooby tomfoolery, and I don’t think anyone should pay more than $10 for this figure.

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4 Responses to 2005 Storm Shadow (Comic Pack)

  1. Mike T. says:

    Facebook morons have been paying $50+ for this figure. The lack of stock on Ebay for a lot of the Comic Packs has people overpaying for them all.

    The lack of real accessories killed this figure for me. Why did I need the figure when his gear was crap? Now that Black Major accessory sets are in the market, that’s less of an issue. But, I’ve left this figure behind.

    The pre-production figure had painted sleeves on the muscular arms. It was more true to Stormshadow’s original look. But, painted sleeves on a sleeveless arm usually look like garbage.

    • A-Man says:

      In Issue #21 Storm Shadow appears initially with long sleeves, then later with no sleeves.

      I find it odd they went with the original, albeit recast, head.

      After market prices high. Gee, I have an extra one. Maybe I should cash in. Nah, that would mean my existing one would disintegrate or something.

  2. “examples sold carded or in lots are often going for less than ones sold by themselves. I chalk that up to nooby tomfoolery” — I’ve noticed this too. It’s crazy how much loose complete individual comic pack figures can go for when MOC 3-packs sit unsold for less. I think in addition to new collectors, there are people who just can’t contemplate opening an MOC so they don’t even look at the prices for them when they’re comparison-shopping.

  3. R.T.G. says:

    I like this figure, because it wasn’t changed up too much. The sleeveless arms were something seen in both the comic and cartoon, so it worked well. Sure Dusty’s arms are HUGE, but Storm Shadow is one of the characters I could see being a big dude.

    The way things have gone with the G.I. Joe market is kind of disturbing. It’s got all the signs of a bubble, but it still hasn’t burst, I don’t think things are going to be getting better society-wise, so the burst is something I see happening not right away, but probably later on this year, when the realization things didn’t magically get better.

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