2005 Firefly

2005 Firefly

The 2000‘s comic 3-packs were pretty notorious for their poor execution. This Firefly, however, has always been considered an exception to that, by most. It stands out, as for years most of these figures saturated clearance isles and were things nobody wanted from the aftermarket. There’s some reasons why this Firefly is a step above the standard fair for these releases, though, I also imagine he’s popular just because he’s Firefly.

Probably the worst thing about this figure was that he came stuffed in a pack with Scrap-Iron and Serpentor. Really, that shouldn’t be a bad thing, but it should be obvious that Firefly is way more popular than his packmates. A problem with multi-packs, is that the strongest figures rarely as often help oddities sell as it is that the oddities drag down those strong figures. Generally, Serpentor is not so popular, and there’s pretty much never been anyone with a desire for play-doh Scrap-Iron. I was able to get the whole set MOSC years after it came out for near retail price.

A recurring trait that ruins many of these figures was their ridiculously small heads. Firefly is nice, because for some reason his head is only somewhat small. He also has a really tight head-sculpt with a pronounced expression under his mask. It looks intense and has a bit more character than his first sculpt. It’s certainly one of the few cases where this head is a decent alternative to the vintage head it replaced, which usually was not the case with these releases.

His colors are fairly strong. Hasbro had done pretty much anything you could possibly want from the Firefly mold up to this point, so returning him back to his original grays was a good choice for a send-off. Another thing I like about this figure, is that it’s much easier to see a lot of his nice sculpted details in comparison to V1 Firefly. In contrast to his light gray tones, he features a lot of black and silver on his various straps and holsters, which does well to highlight those details.

For parts, you get all of ‘84 Firefly’s gear, just now in black. That includes his KEDR-B submachine gun, his backpack with tool tray, and his tiny walkie-talkie. That’s not too special for Firefly, but it’s another thing that strengthens the quality of this release regardless. I was always much more fond of the olive color used for the original parts, but the full roster of gear in black looks okay. It’s weird how Firefly’s gun is somewhat married to the character, I guess KEDR’s might’ve been a little rare until they were fully produced in ‘94. Though in a Joe-fan’s mind, you’d think this would be a decent sidearm for all of your HISS Drivers and Motor Vipers, ignoring the suppressor.

Somewhat of an oddity that this figure made me realize, is that most people take horribly boring photos of Firefly. That includes myself, as most of my photos to this point are ones of Firefly standing around in the dark. It seems with others if Firefly isn’t in the dark, he’s being used almost interchangeably with an army builder or some mook. It’s just something odd to me, as you’d think the beloved Cobra saboteur would be in a lot of places doing exciting things, but most of us just seem to show him standing around. It doesn’t have much to do with this figure, just something I noticed I’d like to work on, personally.

Comic pack Firefly goes for about $18 loose and complete, and from $50 to $70 sealed. It’s a nice figure, so in the current market I can understand why he’s developed some value. The people paying $70 for sealed sets however, are certifiably nuts. It will be funny once the bubble bursts and “I paid a lot for that!” becomes a common catchphrase. Paying huge premiums for common, junk comic-pack figures is about is absurd as it gets, especially when you consider that many of these figures are yellowing in package, or now feature cracking chests. It’s very telling of the market insanity that people would pay so much for figures this shoddy.

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4 Responses to 2005 Firefly

  1. Mike T. says:

    This is the best Firefly. He’s a substantial improvement over the 1984. And, there’s really nothing that was worse than the original. He was clearance fodder for a long time. So, he was army buildable back in the day.

    Now, the Serpentor is the overly loved figure in the set and has also gotten pricey. I’ll argue there are no mint Scrap Irons left, though, as they have all discolored. The fact that this Firefly hasn’t started to yellow is nice. But, I’m not holding my breath that it will last.

  2. A-Man says:

    Bittersweet comics packs, bot for quality of what was made and for what wasn’t made.
    Disappointed we didn’t get the “reverse” colored Firefly from the issue with the robot army under the swamp, he looks like he’s wearing black with grey camo. And of course, more disappointed that we didn’t get the Robot Cobra Soldier and Robot Hiss Driver (which is a potential idea for Black Major, except he’d need someone to sculpt the heads for them.) Funny Hasbro made the gas mask “trooper” that only appears for one panel in one issue. At least the robots were a major part of their issue.

  3. Sam Smith says:

    I will echo Mike’s comment: 2005 Firefly is the apex version of this character. The head sculpt is better. The paint detail is better. My one small (very small) complaint (if you could even call it that) is that the grey camo jumpsuit is brighter than the grey on the original figure.

    Still, this version is my go-to Firefly. He mixes in excellently with vintage ARAH displays and dios.

  4. R.T.G. says:

    I like this figure, but I don’t rate him higher than the original. He’s well done, the colours are great, but the head is too angry for what I view Firefly to be, but that’s a me issue.

    Thanks for identifying Firefly’s gun! It and Stalker’s Madsen were two that were pretty hard to figure out what they were, for a long time.

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