1993 Cross Country (Battle Corps)

1993 Cross Country (Battle Corps)

It’s fair to say that ‘86 Cross Country is one of the worst figures in the line. His colors are awful, his head is both gigantic and ugly, and for a lot of people, the Confederate Flag seals the deal. Oddly, they brought him back in ‘93 as a part of Battle Corps, and honestly gave us one of the best updates you could hope for from ARAH. Oddly, he’s become somewhat of an overlooked gem, probably because of the flag thing, though Hasbro tying him to a vehicle that’s arguably worse than the HAVOC probably didn’t do him any favors, either.

Getting it over with right away, Cross Country’s defining characteristic is the Confederate Flag he wears on his jacket and belt buckle. Besides the obvious Dukes of Hazard homage, I always assumed this was done mainly to give the toy a more obvious, regional based personality. Still, it’s a little odd for a brand built on mostly patriotic notions to have a guy running around with Confederate Flags all over him, but back when this toy came out, people didn’t think so much about that. When my imagination runs wild though, I sometimes contemplate him working with Chuckles and Scoop to manufacture rage-porn for psy-ops. They could incite riots to help Destro move around the country more discretely when they’re helping him out… But that’s only in my version of the story where there’s a vaguely more traitorous cell within the GI Joe team.

That aside, this is a really nice toy. His head sculpt is very sharp, the jacket is sharp, nothing’s too busy, and he even has a neat little set of tools sculpted onto his leg. He has one of the more buff chest sculpts, but it’s not as bad as Mace’s, so it works for me. Another thing I really like is the use of marbled plastic to simulate denim for his blue jeans. This feature alone makes him really stand out among his contemporaries. The orange trim is a little obnoxious, but it doesn’t ruin the look of the figure, so I’m fine with it.

Cross Country’s filecard makes him the vehicle driver for both the Battle Wagon and the Mudbuster, both of which were sold separately. I like the Mudbuster well enough, but the Battle Wagon is a hard toy for me to get into. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from putting him in any vehicle you like, though there’s still something very boring about single-carded vehicle drivers. His only job is driving vehicles, so sometimes I have to wonder what he does with that assortment of weapons that he comes with.

gi joe arah hasbro vintage 1993Speaking of weapons, he has a really great set. Included is the same runner of parts from Snowstorm, ‘93 Roadblock and ‘94 Shipwreck. That set features Bullhorn’s Steyr AUG, Hit & Run’s rifle and knife, ‘88 Shockwave’s pistol, a stand and two missiles for his launcher, all in black. Included separately is a teal launcher only shared with Roadblock, and an orange version of ‘91 Dusty’s backpack. It’s a cool set of parts, and back then I’d have loved the extra chance to have a few more Steyr AUGs laying around. The inclusion of a backpack at all was also pretty good, especially since most ‘93 and ‘94 releases didn’t bother with those.

Surprisingly, a complete Cross Country fetches around $25, and even incomplete examples hit between $10 and $15. He’s common, so it still shocks me to see figures like this going for so much. At the same time, he’s vast improvement over the crappy 1986 release, so I imagine there’s a lot of people who would want this version as their only Cross Country figure. It also probably helps that his parts, although reused, are still certainly worth having.

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4 Responses to 1993 Cross Country (Battle Corps)

  1. Mike T. says:

    One of the reasons for the high prices on this figure is that some facebook groups allow people to post that he’s “banned” for having the flag. So, they take advantage of novices and, well, imbeciles who want the figure for…reasons.

    I bought this figure for his black weapons. When I opened him and found the flag, he became instantly useless. He got to die some terrible deaths. But, that was it.

    The Hasbro designed has since come out and said that he did not put the flag on his back and was shocked to discover it on the production figure.

    • Jester says:

      “When I opened him and found the flag, he became instantly useless. He got to die some terrible deaths. But, that was it.”

      Of all the many ways in which would-be internet tough guys have embarrassed themselves in front of the world, I’m quite sure that “I pretended to kill a little plastic man because I didn’t like his flag” would rank amongst the most ridiculous, if not for the undercurrent of sadism.

  2. A-Man says:

    The stone wash jeans were the first time they used marbled plastic.

    Cross Country was an odd pick for a complete remake, a vehicle driver and that whole flag thing I’d not getting into. He did get feature episode in the Sunbow cartoon, though, and survived the desert massacre.

    The goggles on the hat are reminiscent of the guy from THE RAT PATROL

    The torso had repaint potential, but another South American MIA mold.

  3. lee gray says:

    The leg took kit sculpt is the best part of this figure

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