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Duke (Battle Corps, 1993)

Love him or hate him, there’s a number of good Duke toys that have come out over the years. While I don’t think many are quite as fun as the original Duke, this Battle Corps version does provide quite a … Continue reading

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10 GI Joe Figures that are Surprisingly Bad

With how much fun collecting GI Joe can be, I sometimes forget about the little oddball figures that really just aren’t up to par. There’s some obvious choices that could be considered worse than these, but I wanted to avoid … Continue reading

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Tiger Force Roadblock (1988)

Three of my favorite figures here. The original Tiger Force color schemes were so vibrant, yet cohesive. It also helps that they often recycled excellent sculpts, just making the figures all the better. Given, I think some are nicer than … Continue reading

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First Strike

Duke leads a mission into the middle of Springfield, dangerous Cobra territory. Nothing a GI Joe can’t handle. I thought there really couldn’t be a better way to start a GI Joe blog than with a picture of POC Duke. … Continue reading

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