1990 Lampreys

1990 Lampreys GI Joe ARAH Vintage Sonic Fighters CobraAnother forgotten figure, and a novelty one as well. I’m a big fan of the original Lampreys, but these guys have something interesting going for them as well with their colors. I could easily see these guys being like a coast guard for Cobra Island, or maybe having some role as hazmat troopers. Despite the orange, I could think of a lot to do with these guys.

It’s also nice a Cobra symbol is present on the figure’s chest, a detail that isn’t there on the original. Though, while I’m comparing them, I do wish this figure had included the original’s gun. That was a really cool vintage weapon, while this figure comes with a smattering of parts from other late 80’s figures. A few okay guns, but I really, really hate Blaster’s gun, which was included with these.

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