1993 Backblast

ARAH GI Joe Cobra vintage action figure Sci-Fi FLAK L.A.W.With 90‘s Joes, a lot of them were either great, or just okay. Backblast falls into the later category of being just okay, but a little forgettable. Looking at, this is a fine looking figure with perfectly rational, maybe even great colors. He just somehow fails to stick in my mind.

I think it’s partly just that Backblast isn’t the most memorable character in the first place. He already did have good colors, so it’s not like this repaint improves on him much there. In fact, a few nice details are actually lost, like the little map on his leg. He makes up for it a little with the camouflage on his pants, and I do like the big army logo on his chest.

Another appreciable aspect to me, is that the arms of this figure have been swapped from the original sculpt to Topside’s. I never liked the way the knife holster looked on the original, and this improves his look to some degree.

So all in all… This isn’t a bad figure. Not really great, but definitely a good figure to come from 1993. I think he just doesn’t do anything to stand out like other figures however.

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