1985 Airtight

Airtight Dusty Flint Quick Kick ARAH vintage action figure 1985 Cobra GI JoeAh, Airtight.One of the guys from GI Joe’s golden year of 1985. I’m always a tad more appreciative of figures with interesting specialties. In ‘85, there weren’t as many chemical warfare/hazmat figures running around, which made Airtight all the more interesting on his own, though I do find he’s better complimented by said later figures.

Airtight was one of the first figures to include a more intricate load out, with a unique hose that connected from his head to his backpack, and a chemical detector that hooked up to his backpack as well. It does mean the figure comes unarmed, but that wasn’t his role. I kinda miss when figures could come out with a focus on unique accessories, and not the same set of guns, knives, axes and whatever else have you.

I’ve always wondered what a Night Force Airtight might look like, but I suppose that curiosity will be left to the world of customs. Unfortunately, this mold never appeared again after it went to Funskool. He did get a Brazilian release as Ar Puro in Tiger Force colors, who was pretty nice looking though.

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