1992 Road Pig (Super Sonic Fighters)

1992 Road Pig (Super Sonic Fighters)

In my early years collecting Joe, I really didn’t like the later Dreadnoks all that much. For me, the Dreadnoks stopped at Buzzer, Ripper and Torch. So while I was collecting 25th figures and the tail end of the New-Sculpt era, Dreadnoks other than those three were something I didn’t put a lot of energy into acquiring. My opinions on a lot of topics haven’t changed that much over the years, but Dreadnoks are something I found myself increasingly open to, including zany figures like Sonic Fighters Road Pig.

gi joe vintage figure super sonic fighters dreadnok road pig

Dreadnoks work for me a lot more now than they used to. At a time, I saw them as goofy, Mad Max crossed with the Garbage Pail Kids type characters. Figures like Road Pig, Zarana or Gnawgahyde seemed to me more like some kind of gross-out toy, much more on the cartoonish end rather than the extremely serious and at all times realistic military drama that was GI Joe. My thinking about Cobra has changed a lot over time though, and frankly, the Dreadnoks and how they operate seem a lot more fun and really-stuck now than it used to. In particular, I like them for acting as mercenaries that seem less elite or polished than your typical Cobra with a face. They also account for about half of all Cobra’s that aren’t army-builders, which is nice when Computer-Nerd Viper V3 gets boring.

In recent years, this has become my favorite version of Road Pig. The colors are harsh, and it’s not as detailed as the ‘88 release, but at the same time he sees some benefits from being a neon repaint. First, he really stands out; the obnoxious orange skin-tone coupled with the rest of his colors leaves him instantly noticeable in any environment. It also suits the character a good deal, as Road Pig’s supposed to be a gaudy, nasty looking guy, so the neon colors make sense and work well with him. I think the last thing I really like, is just how distinct the figure is next to his respective peers. A lot of the Dreadnoks often feel like retreads of similar designs and colors, but this one doesn’t fit with much besides maybe Ninja Force Zartan.

Of course, that subjective reasoning aside, this Road Pig is an UGLY figure, and there’s not much disputing that. The skin-tone is such a weird and unnatural color, that also has the misfortune of contrasting poorly with his orange hair. There’s also something that bothers me about the crossbow bolts on his leg, seeing as how he no longer includes the accessory that’s in reference to (although, you can fix that by giving him the parts from the Night Creeper Leader).

His accessories are something else that received an overhaul, and once again I don’t at all mind this. Included with Sonic Fighters Road Pig is an orange machine gun, an orange flamethrower, his original shoulder pad in orange, a backpack that makes lights and sounds, and a figure stand. So besides the shoulder pad, the original hammer, crossbow and arm-shield are gone, though personally I don’t see this as much of a loss. While these guns aren’t marvelous, they do the job decently and even look alright with a few other 90‘s figures that have orange colors. Similarly, ‘88 Road Pig’s parts never really worked well for me; the clip-on on parts in particular always felt cumbersome and fell off too much.

A complete ‘91 Road Pig should cap out around $25, but $20 is probably a more reasonable price. Typing that feels weird to me, as this used to be a figure nobody wanted. I only bought one for doing silly things with, until he grew on me some large amount. Of course, we’re also at the point where $20 really isn’t a lot of money, so in that regard I think it’s a nice figure and probably worth it.

gi joe vintage figure super sonic fighters dreadnok road pig gi joe vintage figure super sonic fighters dreadnok road pig

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3 Responses to 1992 Road Pig (Super Sonic Fighters)

  1. Mike T. says:

    I wish his weapons had made another appearance later on. All the SSF gear was pretty good.

    I regret getting rid of this guy, though. I need to buy one back. But, just can’t justify the current cost of him.

  2. Road Pig was the only Super Sonic Fighter I didn’t have as a kid, and he didn’t really register for me. I only got into Joes in 1989 so I was barely aware of the Dreadnoks. I remember Gnawgahyde said “Dreadnok” on his package and it was a mystery to me. It was only later when I started reading the older comics that I understood who they were. By then Super Sonic Road Pig was off the shelves.

    I have him now but hardly ever think to use him in photos. The best thing he has going for him is how well he fits with other ’90s releases–pairing him with the Paralyzer is great! And he works to stand next to other members the ’90s Cobra hierarchy. But when it comes to coming up with stories about him in relationship to them, it’s hard to come up with any that aren’t mediated by Zarana.

  3. A-Man says:

    Didn’t get SSF Roadpig until after he was discontinued. SSF were the cost of two regular figures, so a gaudy repaint had to wait. Hoped for a sale, but not sure I got him on such. At least I caved in and owned one, even if I was past real playing days.

    He works as a “divorced from the rest of the Dreadnoks” version of Roadpig, By this time in the comics, only he and Zarana were around. Also, he was the solo Dreadnok in DIC season 2…though he had like padawan braid in the back for some reason and no shoulder pads. Too bad there was no contemporary Zarana repaint to go with him. 30 years and no Dic Zarana!

    Roadpig lost his left bicep tattoo. Laser-Viper removal?
    Also, card art shows him with orange or brown boots, but Hasbro cheaped out and left them same molded blue was the legs.

    SSF Roadpig’s weapons were awkward, the flame thrower mildly useable, the double machine gun not so much from my memory. And some of the SSF’s had interesting packs that did something besides sound and light, but not Roadpigs, it’s a neon green computer thing that seems very much at odds with the character.

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