1989 Alley Viper

Alley Viper Stinger Driver ARAH vintage action figure hasbro GI Joe CobraOne of my all time favorite figures. The colors might be bright, but they’re attractive to say the least. It matches up with the kind of look Shockwave had. When it comes to late eighties Cobras, this guy, the Night Vipers and Range Vipers reign supreme.

Something I’ve always appreciated about this figure was the real commando look the sculpt has. There’s so many little, pouches, knives and grenades all over this figure. In a way, he’s like a neon POC figure that snuck into the late eighties.

The visor and shield are integral parts of this figure as well. I love that he came with a riot-shield before you saw those so much. Plus, the sculpted Cobra symbol and sharp edges gave it a needed amount of flare.

I’m no purist though, as I’ll admit the Battle Corps sculpt brought a lot to the table too, as well as it’s 2000’s era repaints. But this figure really is the best as far as Alley Vipers go. I still get sad this mold couldn’t be used for the 1997 release though.

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