Funskool Toxo Viper

Funskool Toxo Viper GI Joe Cobra ARAHThis figure is what makes Funskool figures fun to me. You take an already good figure like the V1 Toxo Viper, put it in the V2 Toxo Viper’s colors and have an even better figure. It’s interesting as a novelty collectible and as an upgrade to the vintage figure.

The V1 Toxo Viper was a unique and interesting entry into the Cobra hierarchy, though I feel his near pink color coupled with teal bits held the figure back some. Later versions improved on this, but didn’t have the same charm as the V1 sculpt. Only this Funkool version has the best of both worlds with good colors and the original sculpt. I even think the green backpack fits with the figure, despite that I’m not usually a fan of brightly colored parts.

Mind you, you still have all the flaws associated with Funskool figures. Inconsistent quality control and poor plastic quality being mainly that. The Toxo Viper doesn’t seem to have paint that is as generally poor as other Funskool figures, so at least there’s that.

Back when these were cheap, it really was a must-have of what Funskool produced. It’s sad however, so many of these figures have attained value they really aren’t worth now. These guys now routinely go for $10 to $15, which despite my appreciation for them, I really can’t say Funskool quality is worth that much. They are cool novelties and collectibles, but not something I really think is worth a fortune (excluding the incredibly rare figures like blue Snake Eyes).

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2 Responses to Funskool Toxo Viper

  1. djv says:

    I am loving the HELL out of all of these photos and your writing. I also adore this figure. He was one of the few Funskool guys I picked up when had them for cheap. That seems like an eternity ago, and the prices are not good anymore, to say the least. This guy is my Toxo Viper “squad leader” who hangs out with 2 of the v1 Hasbro releases. I also love your idea of using the 94 Viper as a Hazard Viper, so I may pick up a couple to bolster Cesspool’s troops.

    I am a total Eco Warriors junkie, so even things that aren’t technically in that line that work with those characters and that concept is something I’m super into.

    • Nekoman says:

      Thanks man! I’m glad you like my blog and my photos, I had a lot of fun reading yours too!

      And I’m the same way with Eco Warriors, I love those guys! They’re a fun sub-group with a gritty side to them too. It didn’t seem like chemical warfare was as frightening when these guys were made as it is now. Plus, they even made a zombie figure long before that was trendy.

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